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From staying awake for more than 5 days in Navy SEAL training, to writing research papers on Sleep Science in Graduate School, Robert has experienced every level of sleep. In 2020, Robert invented the Rest Node, an extremely effective light and sound circadian rhythm machine. He also developed a Six Week Program to improve your sleep forever.

The 62R program includes the Rest Node, Sleep Education, Breathing Exercises and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. No pills. No fads. Just science.

If you are struggling with sleep book a 30 minute conversation with Robert to find out if he can help.


Six Weeks to Sleep Restoration

Use science to improve your sleep forever.

Experience the 62R Sleep Challenge. Originally used to cure insomnia with Navy SEALs, this program is proven effective at increasing your sleep quantity and quality - naturally! Meet over zoom for one hour each week while you use the Rest Node Sleep Companion and a Withings Sleep Mat to measure your sleep.

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Cross the Bridge to Renovatio


"The 62R Program can improve your quality of life. Just waking up and feeling good about yourself, feeling good about having a good night's sleep, it get's you excited. You wake up smiling and ready to tackle the day!"

Roy Love, U.S. Navy Captain (Ret)

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